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Give it a try. Toggle on the exterior lighting.



Offering much more than just holiday lights

With the ability to select individual lights in the system you can designate which lights stay on and which lights are off to create stunning architectural accent lighting. Our system allows you to choose multiple shades of white light as well.  From a cool, bright white to a soft warm white, you can fine tune your accent lighting to achieve just the right color and light up your home every night of the year!


Lighting that offers security and reliability

Multiple timers allow you to set up different configurations for every night of the week.  If you have a regular routine to and from work or other activities, you can have your lights come on five minutes before you pull in the driveway to illuminate the whole house and yard, then revert back to your standard accent lighting at other times.



A full suite of features and customizability.

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Fully Customizable Colors

There are tons of ways to use your lights, and with millions of colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect hues to display.

Customizable Lights App

Our system is a cloud based system that allows you to control your lights from any device, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Warm White LED

Most systems utilize RGB colors, but our system incorporates a warm white diode to give you a wider range of color.

Waterproof Connections

Our LED's are individually connected to one another with waterproof, compression fit connectors.  You shouldn't have a problem, but if you do, it's easy to change the lights without splicing wires.

Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Our LED's are rated to last over 50,000 hours, but the manufacturer backs up our products with a FULL, 5 year warranty and we give you a 2 year warranty on the labor with an option to extend it.

Quality Tested

Our lights are made with the best components available and have been tested in the heat of the Southwestern United States deserts along with the frigid cold of Canada.

Dimmable Lights

Because we have 3 LED's in each light, our lights are significantly brighter than other systems, but we also give you the ability to dim them if you feel they are too bright.

Set Multiple Timers

Set multiple timers for anything you wish. You can have your accent lights come on nightly and even set a timer to display your wife's favorite color on her birthday.

Architectural Lighting

With the ability to select which individual lights you want on along with a range of different shades of white, you can create stunning architectural accent lighting that will WOW your neighbors.

Low Profile Design

Our tracks are color matched to your home and fit neatly just behind the fascia board on your soffit.  They are virtually invisible during the day, but allow the lights to come alive at night.

Mesmerizing Animations

Our lights fade in and out, blink, chase each other, and so much more to create the animated effects your looking for no matter what time of year or what colors you're trying to display.


Every home is different, but the average cost of to put lights on a home in our area is $4k - $5k.  When you consider the year round use and all of the other benefits, it makes perfect sense because this is a one time cost!

Light settings for every occasion

Customize your lighting settings using the app

Gemstone Lights app - Static Lights Settings
Gemstone Lights app - Flood Light Settings


"We have already given out several recommendations to our family."
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Have questions? Want to see a demo?

Have questions? Get in touch with us directly here. Want to schedule a free appointment for Residential or Commercial Lighting, schedule a demo below, or request a quote.

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