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  • Why would I want permanent Christmas Lights?
    Because you'll never have to hang Christmas lights again! Plus, these are so much more than just Christmas lights. You can use them for any holiday, special occasion or event, and on game days when your favorite team is playing by proudly displaying your team colors. With our individual addressable lights, you can also set up amazing architectural accent lighting on your home and use them EVERY NIGHT OF THE YEAR. The color matched, aluminum track keeps them "hidden" by day and then turn the lights on to bring your home to life in the evening. You can even set as many timers as you'd like so you don't have to worry about it......They'll basically turn themselves on and off.
  • How many colors can we have?
    Our system uses an RGBW scale (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White) to achieve over 2 million colors. The 4th, warm-white element allows us to achieve a true warm white look with our lights too.
  • How long do they last?
    Our lights are LED's so they have an incredibly long lifespan. In fact, they're rated for over 50,000 hours.
  • Don't white LED lights look kind of blue?
    Usually they do, but our lights incorporate a 4th, warm white LED which will allow you to achieve that true warm white look.
  • How bright are they?
    Each of our lights has three diodes and it can be too bright at times, but our system allows you to adjust the brightness with the touch of a button.
  • What happens if a light goes out?
    Each light has individual, waterproof, screw connectors so we don't need to cut or splice anything. We simply unscrew it and then screw the new one in.
  • How many different programs can I run?
    Our app allows you to set up as many programs as you want.
  • What are the color options for the channel?
    We have over 75 standard color choices and another 30 that don't cost any more than the standard, but might take a little longer to receive.
  • How are lights controlled?
    The system is controlled by an app on your phone or tablet.
  • Can I control my lights from anywhere?
    Yes, everything is cloud based so you can control them from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • What is the warranty?
    The system itself is backed up by a full five-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor.
  • Is the warranty transferrable?
    No, the warranty is non-transferable.
  • Is this affordable?
    Absolutely....Most economy Christmas light installers charge between $300-$500 each year to hang lights (and they typically don't have insurance). Reputable lighting companies charge much more than that. Year after year it can all add up. With our system, it's a one-time install and you'll never have to climb a ladder or pay someone to hang your lights again.
  • How much does this cost?
    While there are many factors that go into pricing like access, available power sources, etc., most jobs will run between $25-$35 per foot. You decide where you want the lights, so essentially, you'll determine how much you want to spend overall. Houses vary a great deal in size too, so it's really hard to estimate exactly how much it will cost until we come and measure, but average homes in our area run between $4000-$5000 to light up the front of the home.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and even offer easy financing options for qualified buyers.
  • Is there a minimum charge?
    Yes, we have a minimum of 50'.
  • Can I add to the system over time? can add footage to the outside of you home and you can add additional features that integrate with our system like our Opal interior smart bulbs and our landscape lighting. We've even got some new lighting products that are on the horizon that will fully integrate with our platform as well.
  • Why should I consider this?
    Because this is a one time cost that provides a permanent option. The economy guys that hang Christimas lights for $300 probably don't have insurance.....that means that an accident can cost you a fortune in medical bills or future premiums, because if they get hurt, you're going to get sued. The reputable lighting installers (the guys with insurance), will charge $1000 or more per year which will make the return on your investment short and sweet. You'll have lights year round for security, holidays, and special occassions, you'll never have to store them in the off-season, and you'll never have to climb a ladder to install them again!
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